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At Checkpoint Motors, we know that every great repair starts with a definitive diagnosis. Until you know what is wrong with your car, truck or SUV, it will be impossible to set it right. We know that, and that is why we have invested so heavily in state of the art diagnostics equipment. And that is why we are confident in saying that we provide the best vehicle diagnostics Oregon City has to offer.

Our diagnostic equipment can uncover even the most stubborn and intermittent problems. When you bring your vehicle to Checkpoint Motors, we will read the codes on your car’s computer, interpret the results and determine what repairs are needed.

Is Your Check Engine Light On?

You may think that driving with the check engine light on is no big deal, but that light is trying to tell you something. When the computer in your car, truck or SUV detects a fault, it illuminates the check engine light, giving you an early warning of the problem – and a reason to give Checkpoint Motors a call.

Diagnosing the check engine light requires special diagnostics equipment, equipment that Checkpoint Motors uses to pinpoint the source of the problem. Once we know what is causing the check engine light to illuminate, we will make a plan for repair, so you can drive with confidence and avoid further problems.

No Problem is Too Complex

At Checkpoint Motors, no problem is too simple or too complex. We understand how your vehicle works, and our state of the art diagnostic equipment can locate even the most difficult issue fast. Once we know what the problem is, our certified technicians will use their years of experience and their specific expertise to fix the issue fast.

We will keep you informed every step along the way, letting you know what is needed and notifying you of any additional problems we find. If further repairs are needed, we will get your authorization before the work begins, so you stay in control.

Electronic Fault Diagnosis

Do your headlights cut out at strange intervals? Does your vehicle hesitate and miss in wet weather? Does your radio stop working? Are you constantly blowing fuses? If so, you may need help with your electrical system, and that starts with the right diagnosis.

Diagnostics Near Me

If you need vehicle diagnostics in Oregon City, give us a call. At Checkpoint Motors, we can diagnose even the most complex electrical problems, so you do not have to live with these issues any longer. Just tell us the symptoms, let us go to work and see what we can do. We stand behind our work, and we want our Oregon City neighbors to be safe and happy behind the wheel.


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