Buying a New Car? Look for These Automobile Safety Features

You can never be too safe, especially with the way some people drive these days. You might be in control behind the wheel but are the people around you in control, too? Thankfully, automotive technology continually improves vehicle safety features. Are you buying a new or used car? Checkpoint Motors recommends you look for the following automobile safety features in your new set of wheels.

Crash Rating

Automobile manufacturers put their vehicles through a comprehensive and violent series of crash tests before they release the models to consumers. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration rates these crash tests with higher ratings going to vehicles that do better in simulated automobile accidents. You can find the crash-test rating for any automobile you’re interested in buying on the NHTSA website.


Before you think “Every car has airbags these days,” we know that. We’re not talking about front-seat airbags, we’re talking about rollover and side airbags designed to protect you should you be hit in the side of your vehicle or should your vehicle rollover. Although none of these bags are as soft and fluffy as the manufacturers would have you believe, rollover and side bags give you added collision protection.


Backup cameras give you the added benefit of seeing what’s behind your vehicle out of your sight range. For example, toddlers, animals, certain toys, and some road debris are small enough that you won’t see them out of your rear window as you backup. The sleek design of most automobiles these days also creates numerous blind spots. A backup camera helps you see what you cannot see with the naked eye.


Finally, you might think you can see everything around you, and a test drive is a sure way to confirm that, but your eyes cannot give you a total perimeter check at all times, which is why vehicle sensors are taking off like wildfire with consumers. These sensors alert you of objects you can’t see, unintentional lane swerving, and even if your teen driver has his or her eye on the phone rather than the road.

You cannot be too safe on the road, which is why Checkpoint Motors works tirelessly on our customer’s cars, trucks, and SUVs to make sure they run safely and efficiently. Call our Oregon City, OR, shop to set up a vehicle inspection for your new or new-to-you automobile. We’ll make certain everything is in tip-top shape before you sign on the dotted line.

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