Checkpoint Motors Can Replace the Catalytic Converter if It Goes Bad

If you plan to keep your automobile for many years, there will come a point when the catalytic converter goes bad. Checkpoint Motors can replace the converter once it gets clogged. This is the most common problem from which catalytic converters suffer. Let’s talk more about this below.

Sketchy Engine Performance

The catalytic converter treats the exhaust so harmful emissions are turned into safe ones. As it does this, sulfur and carbon deposits build up inside the converter. Consequently, the converter will get clogged and push the exhaust back into the combustion chamber. When this happens, the chamber has difficulty producing fresh combustion because it is clogged with exhaust.

Reduction in Acceleration

The above will not only affect your engine’s performance but also reduce its acceleration. This is because the combustion chamber needs to burn fresh air and fuel every time you press down on the accelerator. If the chamber is clogged with exhaust, this fresh burn is compromised.

Reduction in Fuel Economy

Naturally, if your engine is struggling to perform, you will see a reduction in the fuel economy. Unfortunately, you will continue to head to the service station more often until you replace the clogged converter. We can do that here at our shop.

Black Engine Exhaust Smoke

You may also notice that you have black exhaust coming out of the tailpipe. This is an indication that the converter is malfunctioning and failing to treat the emissions in the exhaust. Consequently, the exhaust will not be clear like it normally is.

Increased Vehicle Emissions

Failure to treat the emissions will cause an increase in the harmful emissions that your vehicle releases. Unfortunately, this is bad news if your automobile needs to pass an emissions test. Because the converter cannot treat the exhaust, your car will fail due to increased hydrocarbons.

Rancid Odors in the Exhaust

You may also notice that your exhaust smells strange. This can happen if the catalytic converter is clogged with sulfur deposits. As the hot exhaust makes contact with the sulfur, it releases rotten egg odors into the exhaust. Consequently, your exhaust will smell rancid.

Excessive Undercarriage Heat

Finally, the converter can release excessive heat underneath your automobile if it is malfunctioning. As you learned in science class, heat rises. As such, you may start to have problems with your engine overheating when you drive your automobile.

Checkpoint Motors in Oregon City, OR, is here to help, so ring us up today. We can replace the catalytic converter if it needs it.

Photo by deepblue4you from Getty Images via Canva Pro

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