Checkpoint Motors Fixes the Following Common Diesel Engine Problems

Bring your diesel car or truck to Checkpoint Motors as soon as possible if it is having any of the problems listed below. We are a full-service auto shop in Oregon City. We work on both diesel and gasoline automobiles. You can count on us to find the problem with your diesel engine and fix it.

Difficulty Starting the Vehicle

Admittedly, a diesel engine will crank more than a gasoline engine will before it starts. If you are having problems starting your diesel automobile, however, you need to bring it in to our shop for maintenance. Difficulty starting the automobile could be caused by a fuel-delivery problem such as clogged injectors. Your glow plugs may also be bad and failed to generate the needed heat for combustion.

Loss of Engine Power

Speaking of a fuel delivery problem, clogged fuel injectors or a clogged fuel filter can cause a reduction in your diesel engine’s power. Another thing that will reduce the diesel’s power is excessive lubrication in the engine. You may also experience noticeable power loss if your throttle linkage is loose. We can inspect the engine thoroughly to determine the cause of the power loss so we can fix it.

Contaminated Diesel Fuel

Diesel engines get superior fuel mileage over gasoline engines because the fuel has a greater energy-density rating. This means it can produce more energy using less fuel. One of the reasons why diesel fuel is so dense with energy is that it is thick. This can work to your advantage, but it can also be a disadvantage because it can get contaminated more easily. Contaminated fuel can damage the engine.

Black Engine Exhaust

Your diesel engine is burning too much fuel if you see black exhaust flowing out of the tailpipe. This means that there is a rich fuel mixture, one that is heavy in fuel, in the combustion chamber. This can be caused by broken fuel injectors that are leaking fuel into the chamber, a broken EGR valve, a faulty turbocharger, or a clogged air filter among other diesel engine parts.

Strange Engine Noises

There is definitely something wrong with your diesel engine if it is excessively loud, knocking, or squealing. Head straight to our shop if you hear any strange noises coming from the engine. If the noises are excessively loud, it’s a better idea to have your diesel vehicle towed to our shop. This helps to prevent you from damaging the engine further by driving it.

Checkpoint Motors in Oregon City, OR, is the only shop you need for all of your diesel service and repairs. Call us today if you are having problems with your diesel engine.

Photo by Redelinghuys Getty Images via Canva Pro

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