Emergency Car Kits – What Every Driver Should Pack

Even if your car is in excellent shape, you never know when you’ll run into an emergency. Whether you have a blowout or you’re broken down on the side of the road, every driver should keep a proper emergency kit in their trunk. Before you hit the road, check out this helpful checklist from Checkpoint Motors so you can start preparing today and have everything you need for a safer experience every time you drive.

The Basics

Every car on the road should have some sort of basic emergency kit. A spare tire, jack, and wheel wrench should always be nearby in your trunk. Carry jumper cables so you can get a quick jump if your battery dies. You should also include a map just in case you’re in an area without cell phone service for GPS. Blankets are recommended so you can stay warm if you get stranded during winter. Always pack an extra cell phone charger, and a few bottles of drinking water. Other items you should include are flares or reflective triangles so other drivers can easily see your vehicle at night.

Other Important Things to Pack

If you drive frequently or drive long distances, there are a few other things your emergency kit should include. First, bring a few nonperishable food items with you like a granola or protein bar and dried fruit. That way, you can snack on something while you wait for help to arrive. Bring a flashlight and extra batteries, too. Every car should also include a first aid kit that contains all the basics. Duct tape and a fire extinguisher can also come in handy for a variety of emergencies. Make sure you have emergency numbers in your phone or written down that include your insurance company and a list of towing companies or roadside assistance.

For Parents and Pet Owners

If you have a baby, be sure to create a special emergency kit for them, too. Pack your kit with formula, bottles, diapers, wipes, and diaper cream. A soothing blanket, toy, or pacifier is also great and will help your little one to stay calm until you get help. For pet owners, bring extra pet food, water, and bowls. Always keep a leash in your car in case your pooch needs to stretch his legs or use the bathroom. A chew toy or treats can’t hurt, either.

With these helpful items in tow, you’ll have everything you need to make your roadside emergency much safer and more pleasant for everyone.

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