Get an Automotive Trip Inspection Before Your Holiday Travel

It’s not quite time to go over the river and through the woods to grandmother’s house, but if you plan to hit the road on Thanksgiving or for the December holidays, it’s time to get an automotive trip inspection now. Checkpoint Motors will give your car, crossover, SUV, or truck the once-over from top to bottom to make sure you stay safe during your holiday travels. Here’s why this is inspection makes sense.

Keeps the Holidays Festive

You want to hear whining from the backseat of the car; you don’t want to hear whining from your engine. You want to stop because everyone needs to stretch their legs and use the restroom; you don’t want to stop because you’re having car trouble. The quickest way to ruin your holidays is to break down on your way to your grandmother’s house or wherever it is that you’re headed. You need a reliable automobile when traveling, so you needn’t worry about anything other than getting there safely.

Speaking of Getting There Safely…

Safety is rule number one when you’re traveling. No whining from the backseat is the second rule. An auto trip inspection ensures your vehicle is not only reliable but also safe. The brakes work as they should, and you won’t have any tires blow out. You can easily control your vehicle in inclement weather, and you may hit some snowstorms depending on where you’re traveling to. We can make sure your automobile is safe to drive no matter what you face, including storms and holiday travel traffic jams.

Some of the Things We’ll Check

The first part of our trip inspection is to perform any factory-scheduled maintenance that is due. If you need an oil change, for example, we’ll do it, and we’ll fill the engine with synthetic oil if you’re traveling to an area with sub-zero temperatures. To make sure your car can handle the trip, we’ll also

  • Test the battery
  • Inspect the brake system
  • Check the cooling system
  • Check the heating/AC system
  • Change any filters that need it
  • Inspect the belts and hoses
  • Check all of the fluids
  • Inspect the tires

We will also inspect any vehicle systems that need maintenance and address any concerns that you might have. For example, if your check engine light has been coming on intermittently lately, we’ll run a vehicle diagnostic test to find out why you’re receiving the warning.

Let Checkpoint Motors in Oregon City, OR, ease your mind by getting your vehicle ready for your holiday trip. Call us today to schedule an appointment.

Photo by MCCAIG from Getty Images Signature via Canva Pro

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