Is A Vehicle Diagnostic Test Really Necessary?

Some of our customers are wary when we suggest performing a vehicle diagnostic test, and we understand why. This is something that is relatively new. We assure you, though, that Checkpoint Motors would never suggest a diagnostic check unless it was absolutely necessary. With today’s automobiles more technical than ever, in many cases the diagnostic test is necessary.

Computer Technology

You likely don’t think about it nor should you, but today’s vehicles are computer-driven as much as they are driven by you. Even if you don’t have all the hands-free and self-driving bells and whistles, your car, truck or SUV has an onboard computer that controls everything. Computer technology was first introduced into automobiles decades ago, and it has taken over as one of the primary operating systems in modern automobile manufacturing.

Onboard Monitoring System

This onboard monitoring system checks your vehicle from roof to tires when you first start it, monitors all systems while the vehicle is in operation, and makes adjustments to the systems whenever necessary to keep the vehicle safe and efficient on the road. This computer also tracks each system as they operate, which is where the diagnostic test comes in. The data logged by the computer helps auto repair technicians.

Diagnostic Test

If we suggest a diagnostic test to a customer, it’s because we need to review the information that will be returned by the computer. For example, if a vehicle’s check engine light comes on and we cannot isolate by hand why it did so, the diagnostic test will tell us. When we run a diagnostic test on a vehicle, it taps into the onboard computer and retrieves all data. Included in that data are error codes that tell us what went wrong, where, and why.

For example, it could be that the oxygen sensor in the exhaust system is beginning to fail but a visual inspection wouldn’t reveal the failure. If the applicable error code is returned, we know right away that we need to replace your oxygen sensor. The ability to pinpoint the problem immediately saves customers time and money, which is why many auto mechanics recommend diagnostic tests. The onboard computer system is a plethora of information.

Checkpoint Motors is located in Oregon City, OR, and we perform diagnostic tests and many other services and repairs. You can stop by our shop on Beavercreek Road or call us to set up an appointment. We’ll give your vehicle the once-over and either recommend a test for further diagnosis or an affordable repair plan.

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