Is Synthetic Motor Oil Better For My Engine?

The introduction of synthetic oil into the auto service industry confused many consumers. People wondered if synthetic oil was really better for their vehicle than standard oil. They also wondered if it really was worth the cost – almost double that of standard oil. Checkpoint Motors is here to clear up some of that confusion, and the quick answer to the titled question is, yes, synthetic oil is better for your automobile’s engine.

Engine Protection

The primary reason why synthetic oil is better than conventional oil for your vehicle’s engine is it protects it better. Motor oil is designed to prevent engine damage by reducing friction and heat. Think about a squeaky door. What causes a door to squeak when you open and close it? Dry hinges. You lubricate those hinges to stop the squeaking, and the same is true for your engine.

Your engine works much in the same way: parts rub together to accomplish a task. The difference between your engine and door hinges is these parts are moving all the time at high speeds when the engine runs, so you need a tougher lubricant to prevent squeaks. You need an engine oil with the viscosity to keep the engine parts lubricated at all times to prevent the friction and overheating mentioned above as well as locking.

Synthetic Lubricates Better

Please don’t misunderstand us. Conventional motor oil performs this task, too. The only difference between conventional and synthetic motor oil is synthetic does a better job of it. Conventional motor oil loses its viscosity quicker than synthetic motor oil does, which means it breaks down more quickly and causes friction and heat sooner than synthetic does. This is why you can go longer between oil changes when you use synthetic motor oil.

Aside from cost, that’s the only difference, however. If you are faithful about a lube, oil, and filter every 3,000 miles with conventional oil, unless you drive your vehicle way too hard, you’re fine. You don’t necessarily need to switch to synthetic. If you drive your vehicle hard, or if your manufacturer recommends synthetic over standard, then you should probably pay the extra cost for it. Synthetic also lubricates better in cold weather, so many drivers switch in the winter.

Bring your vehicle into Checkpoint Motors in Oregon City, OR, and let us have a look. We’ll take into account your manufacturer’s recommendations and driving habits to determine the best motor oil for your engine.

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