Parking Lot Do’s & Don’ts

It may seem silly to think that there are rules and etiquette when it comes to parking lots, but there are. Sure you drive slower in them than you do on the highway, but there are still moving vehicles, pedestrians, and other factors at play. To avoid damage and tension, Checkpoint Motors wants to remind you of the basic parking lot do’s and don’ts.

Follow the Arrows

Not only do arrows let you know the basic direction of the parking lot, but if there is one it is also an indicator of a narrow, one-way lane. You can avoid chaos and make sure that you are angled correctly for the parking process by simply following the arrows.

Pay Attention to Lines

Have you ever walked up to your car only to realize that the person next to you parked over the line and now you have suck in your entire body weight to get into the driver’s seat? Or, in really tight squeezes, crawl in from the other side? This scenario is the reason there are lines that define parking spaces. For your own sanity and the safety of your paint job, always try to center your parking between the two lines.

Watch for Pedestrians

In a parking lot, pedestrians have the right of way. Hopefully, they are watching for oncoming vehicles, but you should always allow them to cross safely before moving on. If they are moving slowly and blocking your way you should slow down, sit back, and relax. In the grand scheme of things those 30 seconds spent waiting for them to cross won’t mean a thing.

Slow Down

This should be a no brainer. A parking lot is not a freeway and you should observe a much slower speed while you are driving through it. Driving slower allows you to watch for people, grocery carts, and anything else that might suddenly appear in your path.

Be Courteous of Others

The biggest rule to recognize in a parking lot is common courtesy. Being aware of your surroundings and observing how your actions might affect others will go a long way to avoid injury as well as damage to your vehicle.

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