Signs Your Vehicle Has Fuel System Problems

Your vehicle cannot run without an operating fuel system. Checkpoint Motors services and repairs fuel systems to ensure they are always performing their jobs as they should be. Signs your vehicle has fuel problems can be confusing because the signs are common when there are other engine concerns. We can diagnose the exact problem and fix it if you notice any of the following things.

Engine Performance Issues

Engine performance issues are the number one sign of fuel system problems. If there is a clog in the fuel system somewhere, you will notice your engine sputter or lag because it isn’t getting enough fuel. The only exception is the fuel pump, which can get clogged in the open position. If this happens, your vehicle might surge or stall because it’s getting too much gas. Fuel system parts that can get clogged by carbon buildup and grime are the fuel filter, fuel injectors, and fuel pump.

Engine Knocking Sounds

Constant engine knocking sounds could be a terrible sign that your vehicle isn’t detonating properly, but if the issue is fuel-related, it could be your gasoline. If you put gas in your engine, that isn’t the right octane for your vehicle, or if you put cheap gas in your car, you might end up with engine knocks. Cheap gas can also clog your fuel system with sediment and cause the engine to overheat. If the fuel pump gets clogged and the motor starts to overheat, your engine will overheat, as well.

Dead Engine

If you can’t get your engine started or your engine stalls and cannot restart it, it could be a fuel system problem. A dead engine signifies that the fuel filter or fuel injectors are clogged completely or that the fuel pump has died. The fuel pump draws the gasoline out of the tank, through the filter, and pushes it through to the fuel injectors, where they spray the gasoline into the cylinders. If anything prevents the gas from getting out the tank and to the cylinders, your car won’t start. 

Low Gas Mileage

Finally, another sign of fuel system problems is low gas mileage. Your vehicle may become a gas-guzzler if the engine is getting too much gas or not enough of it. The effect is the same either way: Your engine burns too much fuel. When it doesn’t get enough gas, it has to work harder. You might also have a loose gas cap that is releasing gas fumes out of the tank. This evaporation eats away at your tank’s gas supply, and you’ll notice a difference in how many miles you get out of each tank.

Call Checkpoint Motors in Oregon City, OR, if you suspect your vehicle has fuel system problems. It doesn’t matter what you drive. We can fix it.

Photo by solarisimages from Getty Images via Canva Pro

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