The USB Chargers in My Car Have Stopped Working

If the USB chargers in your car have stopped working, Checkpoint Motors advises that it may be time to replace your vehicle’s alternator. Generally, the alternator will die between 100,000 miles and 150,000 miles or after 10 years. The USB ports are just one accessory that will malfunction if the alternator is dying. Other malfunctioning accessories include your power windows and seats and radio.

Burning Electrical Wiring

Another sign that the alternator is going bad is the smell of burning electrical wiring. Usually, when an alternator malfunctions, it fails to produce enough electricity and this is why your accessories will start to malfunction. In this case, however, the alternator is producing too much electricity and overloading the electrical system.

Constant Dead Battery

The alternator is also responsible for keeping the battery charged as it discharges. If you find that you have to jump-start your battery frequently to get your engine started and the battery isn’t that old, it’s possible that the problem is actually the alternator. It may be unable to keep the battery charged.

Frequently Stalling Engine

The alternator also helps the spark plugs generate sparks by providing them with power. If your engine has started to stall frequently, this is a sign that there is a problem with the spark plugs. If the plugs are not too old, the alternator may no longer be able to provide power to them for sparks.

Strange Engine Noises

You may also start to hear strange noises coming from the engine if the alternator is going bad. The alternator can wear down internally, and when this happens, it will start to grind or growl.

Vehicle Light Problems

As you have seen so far, the alternator provides power for many things, and another one of those things is your vehicle’s lights. If they have gone dim, started to flicker, or are exceptionally bright, the alternator is not sending the right amount of electricity to the interior and exterior lights.

Dashboard Warning Light

Finally, all of these problems may cause the engine control module to turn on the battery light on your dashboard. This light will turn on if there is a problem with your vehicle’s electrical system. If you drive an older automobile, the module may turn on the ALT or GEN light.

Call Checkpoint Motors in Oregon City, OR, today if you are having any of the problems listed above with your automobile. We can replace the alternator if it is malfunctioning.

Photo by algre from getty images via Canva Pro

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