Today’s Diesel Engines Come With a Ton of Advantages

Gone are the days of smelly and smoky diesel engines. Many people are changing what they drive after decades of faithfulness to gasoline automobiles, and they are purchasing diesel automobiles instead. The good news is it doesn’t matter what you drive. Checkpoint Motors can service and repair it. If you are on the fence, however, about purchasing a diesel, here are some advantages that come with today’s diesel engines. This isn’t meant to influence your decision; just give you information that hopefully helps.


Diesel-powered automobiles get surprisingly high gas mileage. In fact, it is estimated that some diesel engines are as much as 35 percent more economical than gasoline engines. The reason why diesels do so well with gas mileage is that diesel fuel is very high in its energy density. What this means in simple terms is that you get more miles per gallon on a full tank of diesel fuel than you do with gas. Diesel fuel can generate more power using less fuel, which saves you money at the service station.


What makes diesel engines even more special is that you don’t sacrifice power for this fuel economy. In fact, diesel engines are the most powerful engines on the road. These engines are designed to produce tremendous combustion and torque, so you get more power when you step on the accelerator. This is why big rigs use diesel engines. They need an engine powerful enough to get the big rig going from a stop despite the fact that it weighs an unbelievable amount of total weight.


Diesel engines are also sturdy and last much longer than gasoline engines do. If you are into world records, you might already know that the longest a diesel engine has lasted is 900,000 miles. You probably won’t get that out of your diesel engine, but you can bet you’ll get plenty of life out of it before your ready to buy a new car. These engines produce higher heat and compression, so they are built to withstand that. This means they are incredibly sturdy and reliable.


Diesel engines are also valuable. Many of today’s diesel automobiles can offer fuel economy that rivals that of hybrids. They are powerful yet use less fuel, and are built to last forever. This means many of these automobiles are in demand in the used car market. As such, you can expect a higher resale value of your diesel automobile than you would if you were selling a gasoline-powered automobile. As long as you take care of it, you will likely get a nice price for it when you’re ready to sell it.

In the meantime, you can rely on Checkpoint Motors in Oregon City, OR, for all of your diesel engine service and repair needs.

Photo by sommaiphoto from Getty Images Pro via Canva Pro

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