Why Does Smoke Come Out of My Exhaust? What to Do About It?

Your car naturally emits some type of exhaust all of the time, but if you start to notice smoke coming out, it’s time to pay closer attention. This smoke is usually a sign that something is not working correctly. The smoke that comes from the exhaust can be a variety of colors, and each one means something different. They also have different means of fixing the problem. Checkpoint Motors takes a closer look at why smoke could be coming from your exhaust and what you can do to fix it.

Blue Smoke is Billowing

If you’re noticing blue-colored smoke coming from the exhaust, it could be a sign that your engine is burning oil. This can happen when the piston rings are worn out or the valve guide seals are worn. The oil starts to leak past where it should be lubricating your engine and now it’s burning with the fuel, creating this strange blue hue. Check your oil and make sure the levels are correct. Take your vehicle to an experienced repair shop like Checkpoint Motors in Oregon City for further evaluation to avoid potentially serious engine damage.

Gray Smoke Emits from Your Exhaust

Gray-colored smoke can be a bit more difficult to diagnose. In some cases, it could also mean that your car is burning oil just like when you see blue smoke. Check your oil levels, and you should also check your transmission fluid. Sometimes, gray smoke is a result of the transmission fluid being burned inside the engine. The cause is usually a bad turbocharger or a stuck PCV valve. This system cuts down on emissions by recycling them back into your car’s combustion chamber but if the valve gets stuck, it creates pressure that can cause oil leaks. Fortunately, a PCV valve is a simple and inexpensive fix.

What About White Smoke?

If you notice a thin, white smoke coming out of your exhaust that resembles vapor, it’s probably nothing to worry about and is most likely normal condensation. On the other hand, if you start to notice extremely thick white smoke, it could be because your engine is burning too much coolant. This thick, white smoke is definitely a red flag because it means you could have a blown head gasket, a cracked engine block, or another serious issue. If the white smoke doesn’t dissipate or continues every time you drive, take it to an experienced mechanic immediately.

If you’re concerned about smoke coming from your exhaust, take your vehicle to a skilled, qualified mechanic. Visit Checkpoint Motors in Oregon City, Oregon or call us to schedule an appointment so we can diagnose the problem and get it fixed right the first time.

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