Why Does The Gas I Buy Matter?

Many of our customers ask us if they should believe the gasoline commercials they see on TV. Is one brand of gasoline better than another? Can cheap gas really ruin an engine? The answer isn’t as cut and dry as it might seem, but in general terms, yes, the gasoline you buy and pour into your vehicle’s tank does matter. Checkpoint Motors won’t tell you which brand to buy, but we will explain what we mean, so please keep reading.


Whether you buy your gas from the cheapest station in town or only put in premium, name-brand fuel, all gasoline has additives. As such, the question becomes whether the additive is good or harmful to your fuel system. Many top-tier gasoline brands tout they have detergent added to their fuel mixture to help keep your fuel system clean, and this is a good thing.

Over time, carbon builds up inside your fuel system, and this is something that can never be avoided. Carbon deposits are a natural reaction from burning fuel, so you’ll have them no matter which gas you buy. The gasoline manufacturers that add detergents to their fuel do so to help reduce carbon from building up inside your system, but it won’t remove it completely.

Cheaper Gasoline Brands

You will find that cheaper gasoline brands also combine additives with gasoline, and this sometimes results in reduced vehicle performance, pinging sounds from the engine, or even engine stalls. If you’re on a budget and your vehicle runs okay on budget gas, it isn’t going to ruin your engine for good, but this gas isn’t as good as top-tier gas.

The thing to keep in mind is, again, carbon and other deposits. Some vehicle manufacturers contend that budget gas leaves your fuel system riddled with gunk, and we don’t disagree. Budget gasoline is okay, but only if you take care of your vehicle as you should. In addition, you cannot expect the best performance out of your car, truck, or SUV.

Maintenance Is Key

Whether you use top-tier gas or save more money at the pump, the bottom line is this: If you don’t maintain your fuel system as you should, it will eventually break down. Your owner’s manual has a recommended schedule for fuel system maintenance, including the proper time to replace the fuel filter and pump and to clean the injectors and tank.

Checkpoint Motors cannot stress enough the importance of sticking to this maintenance schedule. It keeps your engine fuel efficient and running at its best regardless of the fuel you buy. Call us today. We happily serve customers in Oregon City, OR.


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